About Us

Founded in 2008, Another Day Resource Center was birthed out of a desire to meet the needs of those around us in practical ways – from a Christ-centered perspective. 
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With Matthew 25:35-40 as a guide, the foundation of everything we do is the transforming love of Jesus Christ.

Whether it’s food, clothing, prayer, household items and furniture, counseling and mentoring…  You name it, we are a resource for it. 

We are blessed to receive a wide range of donations from generous individuals, families, churches and companies that allow us to then redistribute everything we receive, and continuously be a resource to those in need. 

Daily, we are in awe of how God uses our ministry.  Time and again, the resources we distribute allow us to show those who might think they’ve been forgotten that they are worthy and loved.

We have no paid staff, no salaries of any kind.  We are a volunteer-manned, prayer-fueled, Holy Spirit-led ministry committed to spreading hope, truth and love by being the hands and feet of Jesus.  Like Gideon in the Bible: we are small in number, but we are mighty to reach the world through Christ.

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